Learn2Analyze: Educational Data Literacy

The Learn2Analyze Educational Data Literacy Competence Profile (L2A-EDL-CP) The Learn2Analyze project has developed a comprehensive proposal for an Educational Data Literacy Competence Framework to enhance existing competence frameworks for instructional designers and e-trainers of online courses with new Educational Data Literacy competences. The Learn2Analyze Educational Data Literacy Competence Framework comprises of 6 competence dimensions and 17 competence statements, as captured below.

Udemy: xAPI Fundamentals – Getting Started with xAPI (aka TinCan)

xAPI allows you to track in greater detail, how your learners interact with about any type of learning content or application. This means you can track how they did in the learning environment but also how they do in the live environment seeing exactly how learn impacted performance. Being able to track also learning behavior gives us the potential to personalize and custom future learning experiences for the learner. In this course we not only cover the potential of what xAPI can do but we dive into actually using it in real world courses. We will cover everything from connection …

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid: Learning Analytics in Higher Education

Learning Analytics in Higher Education, a course offered on edX by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, is actually a result from the SHEILA project, coordinated by the University of Edinburgh and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. SHEILA framework has been built to assist European universities to become more mature users and custodians of digital data about their students as they learn online, the SHEILA project will build a policy development framework that promotes formative assessment and personalized learning, by taking advantage of direct engagement of stakeholders in the development process. The field of learning analytics with its associated methods of …

W3C: CSS Basics

This is to certify that Mette Søgaard successfully completed and received a passing grade in CSS.0x: CSS Basics a course of study offered by W3Cx, an online learning initiative of World Wide Web Consortium.