IOTPeople Cph Meeting #5

IOTPeople Chp had meeting #5, my first visit, at Aalborg University in Sydhavnen, arranged by Anette Nørgaard.

First we were introduced to Aalborg University by Henning Olesen who told us why AAU has an interest in collaborating with IoT-people: A lot of their research and of their study programs evolve around ICT.

Theis Jensen spoke of a student’s project at DTU turning into the company SaniNudge, helping hospital staff remember hand hygiene.

Henrik Valentin Jensen from DI spoke of digitalisation:
DI’s members see a lot of potential in digitalisation, but waits for industrial standardization, technical solutions protecting security and feel inhibited by lack of in-house competences and of time. The challenges behind the challenges were, according to Henrik Valentin Jensen, a lack of well known business models, insecurity to how the whole ecosystem of digital professionals and companies function. Last, but perhaps most disturbing to existing business models is the fundamental identification of ownerships: Who “own” the IoT? The internet service and providers? The cloud servers? The SaaS-companies? The software producers? The users?

The third speaker was Ola Lindström from Accenture. He spoke first of four important factors fueling the change:
– smartphones,
– cloud/big data,
– decreasing cost in computing and
– connectivity everywhere.
He told us consumers no longer compare similar services and products, but all services and all products when benchmarking making expectations liquid. He want companies to focus on the customer’s needs and to find out, what customers are willing to do for the company to be able to collect data to expand or improve services and products.
Ola LIndström had four takeaways for the future:
– explore the entire IoT ecosystem.
– Start small, then grow.
– Be humble.
– And focus on building skills.

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